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Government provided medicare benefits are are not fixed and are periodically subject to reduction. Because of this, the average employer who provides medical benefits to their retirees faces ever increasing costs. The Group Medicare Supplement approach is the favored alternative for employers with post-retirement medical liabilities. We have a solution that we believe creates a "best of both worlds" environment to the extent that future liabilities can be capped, while the still allowing the Medicare eligible retiree population to enjoy the privilege of comprehensive benefits. Our plans reflect current Medicare benefits, and as Medicare changes its benefit formula, we revise our plans accordingly. This assures you of an accurate benefit listing and coverage. This is a "true group" approach with a guaranteed issue product. Our plans conform to the model regulations developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and adopted by most states. By allowing us to assist you in placing coverage, you, the employer, are moved into a fully-insured program with a fixed cost. Your liability is limited to the premium amount (or less if you require a Retiree Contribution). At the same time our plans limit retirees' out-of-pocket expenses and while still retaining their freedom of choice in selecting doctors. We are excited by the benefits and services offered by this competitive solution to an ever increasing need. Our plans also provide Prescription Drug Benefits to the retirement community through a uniqe nationwide network of providers with centralized administration.

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